Standing Invitation

It took me a long time to realize that the easiest way to achieve exponential growth in both personal and professional life is to speak with people. Cultural background and a shy personality meant I had a pathological fear of annoying people by contacting them. I am trying to get over it, but see many young professionals holding back due to the same reasons. Here is my offer to you:

This is a standing invitation: if you want to talk banking, fintech, payments, careers, new ventures, abroad v. India; I want to talk to you.

My email is and it is the preferred method of communication, more so over LinkedIn and Twitter DM’s.

  • I like getting email. If you are a student, a startup, or a person interested in the any of the categories below, please do not hesitate to email me! Your background, language, education, geographic location does not matter to me. I read most of my emails and respond to quite a few.
  • I like meeting people. Visiting Ottawa? On a business trip? Attending a conference? I would love to meet you!
  • I like reading things. If you read or write and feel like I should read it, drop me an email.


  • Banking and payments
  • Technology
  • New ventures – ideas and 0-1 teams
  • Helping distressed organizations
  • Product and Strategy
  • Mid-size firms with small, driven teams on new initiatives/restructuring
  • Non-traditional careers


Twitter: @pathikmatic

This page is inspired by Patrick McKenzie’s Standing Invitation.